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​Looking for a sheet metal partner or just another job shop?​

Tired of ridiculous lead times and poor quality?

​MAK Metals is your solution for precision sheet metal design and fabrication!

MAK Metals is a precision sheet metal manufacturer catering to the high tech and electronics industries. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products at the fairest price with outstanding customer service. Whether it's extremely sophisticated pieces or high-precision assemblies MAK Metals partners with their clients from design to final completion. 

MAK Metals specializes in intricate weld assemblies and complex precision brake forming making us the ideal choice today's industry.

We can work directly with your engineers and through our proven discovery process to a  practical and effective manufacturing solution for your concept or design. MAK Metals has a team of uniquely talented and experienced individuals that are invested in quality and craftsmanship.  

"I’ve worked with the team at MAK Metals for over 14 years.  They have always been available to help me optimize designs, develop creative solutions and answer all my questions.  I can send simple brackets or complex assemblies to them and know I’ll receive the finished product as envisioned."

Lansing Stout, Engineering Manager
Korvis, LLC



When quality and craftsmanship counts
You can count on MAK Metals!

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