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What our customers say...

“Kohler Design has been using MAK Metals for over 10 years.  They are the only sheet metal shop that I have confidence in with manufacturing our OEM systems. Curved doors, complex weldments, and simple parts are all in MAK’s capabilities.  MAK Metals has worked with us extensively on streamlining our designs and cost reduction. Their attention to detail and precision manufacturing is truly world class.”


Brandon Pierce, Head of Engineering

Kohler Design Corporation

“In today’s business environment it’s not always easy finding suppliers you can trust and who deliver on their promises. Our relationship with Mak Metals has spanned over 14 years now and maintains strong today – they have been a key component in our growth and success as a company. On a personal note – I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and have yet to find a more hard working, honest team of people than at Mak Metals – their values and commitment are consistent with the quality products they deliver.”


Melanie Moe

Korvis Automation

"MAK Metals was recommend to me by another vendor in the industry.  I was initially worried that I'd be wasting their time with my small needs.  My experience what quite the opposite.  I was given a full tour of their state of the art facility and treated like I was about to sign a million dollar contract with them.  I utilize their services a handful times a year but I'm treated like their top customer.  I'd highly recommend MAK Metals."

D. Hanslovan

"I’ve worked with the team at MAK Metals for over 14 years.  They have always been available to help me optimize designs, develop creative solutions and answer all my questions.  I can send simple brackets or complex assemblies to them and know I’ll receive the finished product as envisioned."

Lansing Stout, Engineering Manager
Korvis, LLC


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